Strategic Consulting

BEC has been providing a strategic consulting role over 15 years relating to our client's particular community development, built environment project or capital programme needs. This has ranged from providing advice at the inception of a built environment project or construction programme, initiating feasibility studies and development appraisals, environmental and social impact assessments, procuring the project team, advising on tender and contractor selection, manage the contract administration, and enable post completion defects liability advice. Building ‘common-ground’ engagement paradigms between varying stakeholders has been a key component of the service offered.

These have been offered in creating partnerships between the public, community and private sectors in the UK and Francophone and Anglophone Africa. Advice given to the Government of Cameroon on a Diaspora Investment Fund, The Government of Gabon on revitalising its primary secondary and tertiary health infrastructure, to the Government of Ghana on its sports infrastructure prior to the African Cup of Nations, the Nigerian Government on Transportation and Housing infrastructure for both Abuja and Lagos, and South African local government on engaging squatter settlers.

BEC is about Leadership, Complete lifecycle project management from conception to completion, Proven stakeholder management skills, Project planning and target setting, Managing and controlling significant budgets and resources, IT skills including Office and MS Project Software, Architecture Design, and Contract Administration skills, ensuring best value, and robust internationally bench-marked best practice standards and control.In whatever capacity, our objective is to release the client to focus on their core business ensuring that their busy time is deployed strategically on key decision-making issues as project sponsor and leader of the project board.

BEC have extensive experience as client agent in community engagement, consultation with a range of stakeholders, built environment as an engine of development via a unique programme – Building Design for Developing Countries, planning for real and regeneration.

Community Engagement

BEC provided services to One World Week (OWW) - a development education programme whose Vision, Mission and Aims emphasise the importance of working inclusively with everyone to address global and local challenges to achieve justice, peace and sustainability for all -, we engaged diverse communities to find Common Ground in issues that affect us Locally and Globally such as climate change and mass emmi-immigration. The scope of community engagement included people from all backgrounds. In a series of projects including ‘Voices from the South’ and ‘Reaching Out and Reaching South’ or ROARS, we led OWW to focus on incorporating the perspectives of people from developing countries though providing mentors (from the diasporas) to local OWW organising committees and involving people from varied ethnic and religious backgrounds in planning and writing resources, organising joint events both in the United Kingdom and in Africa.

OWW has become known throughout the UK and developed an international reputation for bringing people together to learn about global issues, and to take action locally on things which have an impact on the whole world. Through its successful community participation paradigm, One World Week now involves people of many nationalities and has events all the year round.In whatever capacity, our objective is to release the client to focus on their core business ensuring that their busy time is deployed strategically on key decision-making issues as project sponsor and leader of the project board.

Community participation initiatives led to international engagement and collaboration in other European countries, and in Africa (Cameroon, Gabon, Ghana, South Africa and Nigeria) incorporating engaging and mobilising Local people in the UK and Africa (Cameroon) to prepare their agenda for the future feed into the UNED Earth Summit. In South Africa, we worked with the local community in Thabong a township that served the town of Welkom, in the Orange Free State. We engage the local community as a facilitator in the development of local housing and amenities provision, ensuring their concerns were accommodated.

Enabling and Facilitating

Regeneration Initiatives –master planning process

South Kilburn NDC (New Deal for Communities) and Clapham Park NDC neighbourhood regeneration schemes. BEC led the Master Planning process, facilitated and enabled workshops as Specialist Development Adviser on behalf of 1st Call Services. BEC carried out Project Appraisal for Development Control submission, and setting up of Clapham Park Homes. Clapham Park was selected by a borough-wide strategic partnership to be The London Borough of Lambeth’s New Deal for Communities (NDC) neighbourhood. The neighbourhood was one of Lambeth’s most disadvantaged areas, it had been long neglected with sub-standard housing, significant levels of deprivation, workless-ness, poverty and crime. The N.D.C programme was funded by central government over a 10 year period ending in March 2011. BEC recommended that , community involvement should be at the heart of the programme. BEC worked with residents and partners to develop a Masterplan to regenerate the Clapham Park area.

We used several paradigms for engaging and mobilising the local communities, including seminars, workshops, focus groups, surveys, arts in the community, and local festivals. From the beginning local residents were involved in, and led the governance of the regeneration programme. They committed their spare time and a great deal of effort to achieving success and they have resolved that they would not let the area slip back into decline.

Engage, Mobilise, & Co-Create

BEC offered a Strategic consultant and Enabler to The Science Museum, Kensington, London UK for a specialist exhibition entitled ‘Information Age’ - ‘Making Modern Communications’ – a permanent exhibition documenting the development and use of mobile telecommunication globally.

BEC’s consultation focused on engaging and mobilising the African Diaspora, documenting and telling the Francophone and Anglophone African story. It also included the facilitation of fact-finding missions to Africa, and the collection of authentic displays from Africa, including engaging with relevant stakeholders on the ground. This required multi-stakeholder engagement, trust-building, and cultural walks. This exhibition was opened by HRH Queen Elizabeth in October 2014; history was made, as she sent her first ever ‘tweet’ during the opening.

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