About BEC

As development consultants, BEC sees ’Making development happen’ as the most important activity in which to engage to make our contribution to the human legacy. BEC has coined ‘Localisation’ as a necessary prequel to ‘Globalisation’ – thinking Locally before acting Globally and vice-versa.

Our Vision

"Co-Create, Common Ground Platforms that incubate Sustainable Development Paradigms, as if People and the Earth matter."

Our Mission

"Engage and Mobilise Diverse Stakeholders for Participative Involvement in Social, Environmental, and Economic Development in Community* Building (*Nation)"

BEC harbours an interest for development issues that affect Africa, Caribbean, and Pacific countries under the Lome-Convention. In this regard we have amplified what UK plc can contribute to international development.

BEC has an appreciation that throughout the developing world a combination of circumstance and issues face all those involved in policy formulation, planning and managing urban and rural affairs. Over the past fifteen years BEC has observed new forms of partnerships created between the public, private and community sectors.

Those that succeed have been built on trust and equity. With enabling environments, these partnerships can bring about better governance, participation, and the democratisation in the overall process of contributing to national development.

BEC adopts holistic approach to problem solving, and employ key principles such as sustainability, equity, good governance, and a sense of place. BEC through its involvement with civil society, education/training programs, local government, and private sector initiatives provided us with the opportunity to examine cross-ministerial policies on development issues and equips us significantly as a resource persons in multi-stakeholder development projects.

BEC – Sustainable;…as if People and the Earth matter!

Services offered

Land acquisition and land banking
Real Estate Acquisition
Project Finance
Design & Build Consultancy
Estate Management
Development surveys and studies

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