Making development happen is the most important activity in which to engage to make our contribution to the human legacy. Built Environment Consultancy works with you to build as if people and the earth matter.

High quality residences and commercial properties

We carry out project development, execution, monitoring and evaluation

Land surveys and studies

Adding value to every aspect of property and land development. Utilising our mapping technology, we can provide expert mapping, location services and data analysis.

Interiors and Comfort

We develop interior masterplan concepts to make your property really become useful for all occupants. We have extensive experience and can work with you to create models that fit your needs prior to project implementation.

Residential Property Development

We are experts in creating and adding value through the identification, promotion, sale and purchase of property and land for development. If you are dreaming of that beautiful home. Call us.

Architecture and Designs

At Built Environment Consultancy, we believe that good design is much more than the arrangement of buildings or infrastructure. It simplifies the complex, removing obstacles to delivery; creating a natural environment for humans.


A series of services to ensure the co-design work we do with you exceeds your expectations.

Real Estate

We are a dedicated team helping our client in the planning, design and delivery of Real Estate Project.

Economic Planning

We help clients understand the economic potential or impact of proposals as well as the relevant policy and strategies.

Strategic Consulting

We work throughout the regeneration sphere to advise on strategic decisions that have implications for local, regional and national economic growth.

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